The Diatribes of a Dying Tribe

by Yassin ‘The Narcicyst’ Alsalman

Diatribe of a Dying Tribe is about the jumbled reality of North American life. The destructive components of juxtaposing cultures, the birth of immigrant internationality and the resilient art that comes out of struggle and oppression.

It is the story of four young Arab men who joined forces to create their own representative governing meeting. Excentrik, Ragtop, Omar Offendum & the Narcicyst spent two weeks in California and endless hours on a computer crafting the Fear of an Arab Planet; an examination of the heightened anxiety towards Islam, the Oriental gaze towards the Arab face and the ever-growing paranoia of the ‘other’, all over some bangin’ beats to rock to. As a post-analytical view of the making of an album, this book serves as a document on the burgeoning Arab poetry scene, and how the two mother cultures of a migrant society coalesced through a modern hyper-culture called Hip-Hop. From TSA agents to ABC rappers, The Arab Summit were on a mission to be heard… and that is exactly what happened.

With writing by Suheir Hammad, Omar Offendum, Ragtop & Excentrik

Exclusive Interviews with Lowkey, Mazzi Soul Purpose, Amir Abbasy, Cilvaringz, Malikah, Eslaam Jawaad, Members of AK, DAM and Soul Purpose.

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Special Edition Release Out March 21st 2013

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